spun off its successful solution for analyzing government procurement risks into a separate startup,
17 April 2023 is a procurement risk management solution that uses advanced analytics to identify potential fraud and corruption in procurement processes. By automatically analyzing procurement plans, contracts, and tenders across various data sources, the system detects red flags and notifies stakeholders in real-time. This enables organizations to take timely corrective actions, maintain compliance, and foster efficient and transparent procurement operations. has decided to spin off the solution into a separate company of the same name to allow the team to focus on the solution, which is in high demand in the market and brings impressive economic benefits to each customer. Vitaliy Trenkeshu, Managing Partner of, has been appointed CEO of
The solution, first launched in Kazakhstan's Financial Police in 2010, is now successfully used by the General Prosecutor's Office, Economic Investigations Service, Anti-Corruption Service, Internal State Audit Committee, and many other government agencies in Kazakhstan, as well as a number of government organizations in other countries. With its help, governments are stopping illegal deals worth millions of dollars and making government procurement fair and efficient.
Solution has received several international awards
World Commerce & Contracting Innovation and Excellence Award 2021
  • Global winner in the nomination of Operational Improvement
  • EMEA region winner in the nomination of Operational Improvement
World Justice Challenge

Finalist in the nomination of Anti-Corruption and Open Government

World Procurement Award 2022

Finalist in the nomination of Technology Innovation Award

Open Contracting Innovation Challenge

Prize winner of the Open Contracting Innovation Challenge 2021

The solution is built on Qlik, one of the most popular and powerful analytics platforms in the world. The startup's launch was timed to coincide with the annual QlikWorld 2023 conference in Las Vegas on April 17th.

As part of our expansion plans, is eager to collaborate with NGOs that share our commitment to transparency, accountability, and efficiency in government procurement processes. We believe that working together with NGOs can help promote the widespread adoption of our risk management solution and contribute to building more resilient procurement systems. NGOs interested in partnering with us can benefit from access to our state-of-the-art analytics tools, training resources, and technical support. We encourage NGOs to reach out to us to explore partnership opportunities and work together to create a lasting impact on the procurement landscape. For more information, please visit our website or contact us directly at
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